Literacy Resources


Writing Time

How to give more informative writing feedback

Prompting images for writing

Grammar Related Facebook page

A guide to Grammar (might also be good for teachers)

Fireman video writing stimulus

Image – Fonts matter



Middle Years reading strategies

Making connections with text

Strategies to improve reading in boys

Short stories – BBC

Understanding and counting syllables

Suggested order for teaching reading skills to young learners

Site of root words, prefix, suffix etc with meaning of each

Vowel Sound Chart

Actors Reading books

Parts of Speech raps

‘Great books’ multimedia approaches to learning with book in classroom

General/Miscellaneous Resources

Text dependent question stems

Developing critical listening and speaking skills

Little people’s literacy learning

Conversation cards

Abc educational resources

ESL Games

For the Teachers – General resources

Indigenous Literacy Foundation

A balanced literacy diet – resources and research

Figurate Language rap (youtube video)

Indigenous Book Publisher






The Allusionist 

Word for Word Podcast

ABC podcasts

Diagnostic Tests

Acer Tests

News, documentaries and opinion pieces

Opinion – Naplan narrows the curriculum

The power of body language Ted Talk

Skills Characteristic of good readers

How brand names change from country to country

How to run a year 6 enquiry lesson.

Hattie on inquiry based learning

Things teachers agree about on reading in Australia


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